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Artistic Director/Chocolateir - Megan Sipe

Producer - Sasha Santiago

Each show utilizes a different cast of artists and collaborators.  These are the artists who have played and integral part in Chocolate Dances' performances.

Dancers / Performers

Hannah Barnard

Andrew Broaddus

Fritz Donnelly

Cara Herdt

James McClain

Heather Morrowitz

Cat Murcek

Kay Ottinger

Maya Orchin

Sandra Passirani

Emily Petry

Gwen Petry

Aimee Plauche

Emily Pope

Kaley Pruitt

Larissa Sheldon

Abby Suskin

Visual Artist

Sterling Witt

Lighting Design and Projection

Aaron Gonzales


Musicians and Composers

Juana Aquerreta - harp, vocals, guitar, composition

Jacinta Clusellas - vocals, guitar

Taka Kigawa - piano 

Giacomo Lamparelli - piano, composition

Sarah Murcek - vocals

Petros Klampanis - recorded composition

Alessio Romano - percussion

Maciek Schejbal - percussion

Sterling Witt - recorded composition, music and dance video collaboration

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